Super Duper XL Sport bike racing tracks


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two things lead to this train of thought:
1. had my bike on a little midwest road course which was designed for cars and 600's
2. playing EXTREME G 3 on my Gamecube

Anyone know of any LARGER tracks that exist better suited to LARGER bikes like busa and 12r? I realise regular tracks work just fine for the most part, but keeping in mind evolution of sports perhpas teh future will hold larger straits and bigger turns for bigger bikes? All opinions valid [of course]

I wanna play XG3 in real life. > : )
I think evolution will keep the busa out of it. Won't even be a class for her in AMA next year. The lighter bikes will dominate because corner speed wins races and race wins win championships. Out here there are two tracks. Willow Springs(Big Track) and California Speedway (AMA) track. Both excellent tracks for the busa.

Marc "Howlin Mad"