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just send 29.95 to Revlis@unemployed in

they ship out in 2-3 days.

It, is a wonderful unit.

Revlis himself has used the product many times, an' fully endorses it.

You know what Rev is like, he wouldn't just slap his name on any ol' piece o shid.

He tested this thang. Personally.

Time an' time again.

Ol' Rev was heard sayin'....

"If you can finds yerseff sumpin dat re-twinds yer Dee-Vee-Dee's fasser dan dis here unit...I'll eat a bug".

there ya have it folks.....the Good House Keepin' seal of approval.

Don't delay....spend today.

Revlis will take cash,czech,polish,almost any small european country, paypal,money hungary order,or credit card.

Be the first on yer block to aquire one of these awesome machines. They are things of beauty,fully garanteed to just about survive the shipping, and are almost fully non-tax deductible.

Don't delay.... get yers 2-day.

You being couped up all day has obviously taken its toll on ya RSD

Have a rewound 1
Hey, it's even got a switch to rewind MP3's on there....
you know it brother. Each an' every unit is impartially, if not fully , un-garanteed, oops....I meant unconditionally partially garanteed against defects caused by the manufacturer an' their use of child labour. No animal parts were tested or used in the construction of this product that much. We reserve the right to obtain full legal councilling before responding to any and all complaints by said users and or purchashers that the aforementioned product caused electrical shock and/or sterility in labrotory retrievers. No chemicals were dumped directly into rivers or streams that at one time or another were home to spawning salmon or other livestock.

Revco and its affiliates have no direct responsibility for anything which may have or will be deemed unlawfull.

Please use your products in a safe an' unledgislated manner.

Revco Inc. in no way supports the...

"Free Micheal Jackson Campaign"
I Got a hell of a deal on these folks. Spent all my BMW Money on them so I could Pass along the savings. Act now and you will also get completely free, a genuine Super Deluxe, Premium, Limited Edition, Synthetic Leather Drawstring carrying case.

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