Sunday ride

Big O

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Here's the view of from one of the canyon roads I took. I've been on the road down there lots of times but didn't know how bad the drop off was.

Saturday I was in Lassen National Park saw lots of BMW's ( bikes ) Then Sunday early I rode 3 & 1/2 hrs up hwy 70, 89 , 32 no traffic or deer to be seen

Man you guys and your roads with views make me sick.
Looks like a great ride Kent
Since Kent is hogging up all the space with His pics on My post I had to force myself to zip up Angeles Crest today and take this pic:


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Test vid:

Ha!! It worked! I have a little digital camera that takes 10 sec of video. I took the camera out while riding, held it and pushed the button. I'm not going very fast in the shot, I just wanted to see if it would work.


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Just say when! If Oscar comes with you again we'll have to do Angeles Crest this time, that's what's on the vid, only doing about 70. You should remember that road, long sweepers at 120?!!
man if I ever go west I'm lookin' up big o and beggin him to take me ridin'