Sunday ride in cold North East

Thanks for posting pics IG...fall colors look great already! I need to get out and enjoy them while I can...

Uh, I must have missed the Busa?! :tounge:

Just picking on you there...thanks for sharing 'em...looked cold!
Glad to see a fellow Katana owner. A 1988 white/red 600 was the first sportbike I ever owned. I really wish I would have kept her.

Great pics.
Thanks for compliments.

VaBusa, yeah, you missed it, it goes something like that: katana, katatana, katabuna, hatabuna, hayabusa. :tounge:

I made a decision to get the beast. Just waiting for a good deal to come my way.

Bike382, I know what you mean. I simply cannot imagine parting with my Kat. The two of us have seen a lot. There is a lot of trust here. Nothing's like the first bike. :sad:
Great pics. Had a buddy that used to live in Putnam county. Forgot how beautiful it was up there
Nice pics! Reminds me of home...

Hurry up and get that Bus IG. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. ;)
The Taconic is sweet with no traffic,the colors look great!On sunday I was up Port Jervis/Highpoint way I took pix the old fashion way when they are developed I'll post them.Hey what kind of BUSA was that...... Just Kidding
Smile says kent, I am smilin says Igor... :D Nice shots dude, my wife loves dis stuff.
Nice pics!
I wish it would turn colors here, it's just green in spring and brown all the rest of the year!
Thanks again, guys.

For those who miss nice colors, here are a few from my collection.

Thanks for the Pics man, I really like seeing that there are still changing seasons somewhere. Florida kinda avoids that. Bummer.

My first street bike was a Katana 750, rode the wheels off that thing and loved every minute of it. I think it was a 93 or 94...Not sure cannot remember. Really loved the way you sat on those, felt like you were down in the bike, not perched on top. Forgiving handling, good power, good air Cooled Suzuki sounds...Good stuff.

Again thanks for the pics man...