Sunday Ride again

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I met a fellow blackandblueisfastest '02 rider a little while back and we hooked up for a ride this Sunday. We decided to ride around Mulholland by the Rock Store, it was a beautiful day for riding.

Here's the twins:

Oh and by the way...Jay showed up with a new Porsche at the Rock Store.

Here's the front:

No, he didn't buy it, it was a loaner from the dealer

Side pic:

The discs are ceramic, massive calipers huh?

Interior view:

That's Lance on the other side of Jay, he (Jay) was so cool about it all. He just pulls up, gets out of the car like, hey guys howya doin' look at my ride, people come over to see him and the car, he pops the hood so we can see the engine, and he answered questions and took pics and signed autographs.

Oh yeah, we were there to ride. Here's a sample of some of the roads.

Glad Jay was so nice to show up before your ride!! Looks like lots of fun!
Jay has always been a good car/motorcycle ambassador. That's a sweet looking Porsche!
that would be cool to meet him

shoulda told him to go get his y2k and you'd run him
Hey, Sweet shots man, and a visit from Leno... Cool... Glad to see you around here man, I was wondering....
Thanks guys
Yeah Rev, I've been busy with work for the past four months since another supervisor is out sick. So the shifts have been a little longer than usual.
That's it, i'm moving to Cali. Where is the Rock store located?