Sunday Cassody Ride


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Hey KS-Waterbug, are you going to Cassody this sunday? I along with a few friends are going to leave from QT at 21st and Ridge around 8-8:30 am if you are interested. Planning on riding up thru Cottonwood falls after we leave Cassody. Let me know what you think, and if anyone else here is from the Kansas area let me know if you are going to be there, I would like to meet some of you guys in person. See ya.
Will be in Cassoday around 8-8:30am, The group I've been riding there with meets up at Web and 254 @ 7:30am......... Will look for you at the event! Because of the heat alot of riders are clearing out around 10:30 am....... I should have my shirt on as usual and my Busa is usually parked near the railroad tracks Blue/Silver 00'.........
I'll be looking for you guys, by the way how is Chris doing? I also should be out this weekend and will look for you. I will probably be with a red and white R6 and a blue R6, and a blue/white Zuk 750 see ya.
Chris is doing better, should be getting released from the hospital today. I'll look for your group of bikes.....