Summer Motorcycle Rally


If anyone is interested in competing in a Motorcycle Rally there’s 1 taking place in WV.

Well @ least it starts in WV........ There’s 26 checkpoints that you have to reach in under 24 hours in order to complete it. This is a good opportunity for those who have a 1,000 mile Iron Butt Challenge on their bucket list to get checked. It’s a charity run so the proceeds will go to good causes. Here’s the link to check out if your interested :beerchug:

Insane Ride Week 2019

How about it Arch......??? You ready to put that “Bimmer” through its paces ??? :poke:


maybe have to think about it. lots of commitments now at work.
Completely understand just wanted to put it out there :beerchug: I work 60+ hours a week...... been doing for almost a decade now. So I know it’s hard to juggle work family etc. That’s why I make sure to plan 1 or 2 Motorcycle trips a year. Get away for a weekend or 2 and just recharge the batteries and clear my head. Reminds me why I do what I do and allows me to unplug from the matrix and enjoy the fruits of my labor.



Waited till I got my ride verified so now that I know it’s good 2 go I’ll post it up. This is my 1st Rally and 2nd Saddlesore 1000

I completed the “Insane A-Z Ohio Motorcycle Rally”

Overall it was 26 checkpoints in 24 hours and I managed to do it in 23..... not bad for never having done a Rally before. It was roughly 1,100 miles ridden all within the state of Ohio. The additional mileage was the ride home. Only shut my bike off a handful of times to use the bathroom. Rest of the time it was GasnGo while eating on the fly :race:

Had a little bit of everything on this ride from Dense Fog, Heat, Rain even cold..... Temps dropped like 30+ degrees at night almost broke into the 40’s. Which isn’t too cold but when you consider you’ve been riding in 80+ all day sweating it catches you off guard. Luckily I came prepared and had the right gear!

Everyone thought I was crazy for doing something like this and even some of the other riders doubted but that only gave me fuel to prove em wrong :rolleyes:

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