subframes collapse


New to this site but read in a local motorcycle paper here in the UK that there are reports of subframe collapses on the hayabusa .so far they seem to be mainly on busa's with Givi type racks and those doing a lot of two up riding .Suzuki have said that anybody concerned should take their bike back to where they got it from to have it checked.


Get your bike looked at! Some bikes have not even had a pillion on. This is seriouse and can endanger your life.

Reports from Canada, UK, Australia are available on the net. Just look for them!

Any freinds have this bike let them know....
Took delivery of new Busa 5 weeks ago,just
completed runing in with no proplems,however
what i am reading here is scaring the hell out of me,we have to do somthing about this,don't have a clue myself!.I rang Suzuki
about the Cam Chain issue,and was told by some sniffy tart that a lot of unfounded gossip goes on on the net.Comments please.
As for me until this issue is resolved i am staying off the bloody thing,had enough trouble with the TLS.Hell of a machine but not worth dying for


Still riding mine, but not at all happy about it. As a first step I'm having a big session with the dealer about things and hope he will do likewise with Suzuki. If no problems, will they put it in writing? Sort of know what the answer to that would be though. We don't need to put up with
this. As a world wide group we should be able to put more pressure on - anyone got comments or ideas about the best way?


The 'busa was a brave move by Suzuki, I like the bike and what it stands for as much as everyone else, but our bikes need to be right. Need to be safe. I don't want to be riding sub-standard. The tensioner and sub frame issues are potential killers - any other vehicle which would suffer loss of control would be grounded for less than either of these worries. Suzuki seem to think all is ok, but to say 'no problems' followed through by 'just bring it in for a check over' is a contradiction. The latest scam of charging us for a 'safe' subframe is obscene. Like many others, I have just picked up the tab for a manual tensioner, which I shouldn't have had to worry about on a 4 month old bike. Do Suzuki read this board? If so, here's a message: do the decent thing, RECALL and get these bikes made safe now PLEASE. Doing this would earn far more respect than playing the waiting game with our safety.
Further to my remarks Sunday i have spoken to Suzuki G.B.Quote "The problems have arisen because of owners overloading the machines with luggage systems not reccomended or tested by the manufactuer.There have only been two incidents here and both frames were replaced by Suzuki as a gesture of good will but are unlikely to do it again as the machine is not designed to have so much weight so far back over the back wheel.we have produced a steel frame for those bikers who wish to use the machine as if it is a Gold Wing,but you will still need to check out what luggage you are allowed to fit.Givi has withdrawn the system so that speaks for itself.There is a charge of a £147 for the steel frame because it is not a fault with the machine.Suzuki are issuing a press statement here in the the press this week.The max wheight allowed is 195Kg Suzuki always put customers first and are very angry over this matter" I am happy with the explanation i have been given and will be resuming normal service

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