Subframe beakage


I havn't heard anything lately about subframes breaking.  This was
apparently most common on bikes that had luggage installed and/or
which commonly carried passengers.  Supposedly Suzuki wouldn't
honor warranty repairs on these problems since the bike was not
designed for this type usage.  Has anyone had a problem or know of
someone with a frame problem?  Does anyone have hard bags
installed?  Corbin is now advertising their Hayabusa product heavily
but Givi seems to have pulled back on their bags for the bike.
There is a recall on that in the Europe, but not elsewhere. Remember that each country is separate, so Suzuki US is separate from Suzuki Canada and Suzuki UK, so if one has a recall, the others will not necessarily have them too.

The subframe was replaced in 2001 models with steel. If you still are under warrantee and the subframe cracks, they should honor it. If you carry a lot of luggage, you might want to see about getting a subframe brace. The new steel subframes cost around $700 and add about 4 lbs. to the bike's weight.
For the guys in England dont worry unduly about the warranty period in repect of sub-frames. We have something called the sale of goods act. That says that goods must be fit for the purpose for which they are sold. Structural failure means that the goods are not fit for the purpose for which they are sold and the retailer is liable for the cost of repair.


My busa has one month of its warranty left and has shown no signs of sub-frame failure. However, it has never been fitted with luggage and still has its original silencers fitted.
I have heard of this issue also. My question is - does anyone know how, where, when, etc. a guy COULD get a hold of the GIVI bags? The Corbins are certainly an option, but I like a lot of the GIVI stuff too. I know they don't list them now.
I havn't been able to find the Givi bags anywhere in the past year or so.  I had heard they dropped them after the subframe breakage became an issue with Suzuki.  Don't believe many were made and probably none shipped to the US.

Hello everybody,
Frame breakage has been a major problem with 99 & 00 models here in Aus.
Have heard members state that frames have snapped from hitting potholes in road surfaces as well as other causes.
Suzuki Aus. has to be threatened with legal action to get any response.
Club member reports breakage over last couple of weeks and has got N.R.M.A. Engineer making a report to Consumer Affairs.
General opinion is that they will break eventually.
I had my subframe replaced by Suzuki even though I was almost 12 months out of warranty. All it took was two letters to Suzuki and a short talk with my local dealer. All you have to do is say that you have a worry about it and that you feel that you have lost confidence in the machine. If you make it plain that you are not happy, Suzuki will do the replacement free.
Sorry no. I'm in the UK and have a (fairly) helpful dealer, although it took a while for Suzuki to decide that I could have a new one. Just keep pestering their Customer Service dept. Good luck.
Hey gang, sorry but where do I look to inspect the sub frame? any photo's of a damaged one? And Does this sometimes break at speed?

Hi Guys

Check out you will see that the problem is world wide. The UK did not have a recall on the subframes.
If the subframes are fit for purpose why bring out a steel replacement?
May be if we shout loud enough from the UK,USA,Aus the guys in Japan will hear and do a complete recall? (we can always hope).


I had just replied to your PM, Silverserferuk. I had thought UK had the recall and not the rest. I assumed incorrectly. Call your dealer anyway with that VIN just to double-check.

It really bothers me that they would drag their feet on this one, simply passing breakages off as being caused by abuse and/or after-market exhaust systems.
I thought I had read on a Busa site that the subframe was only an issue on the 99 and 00 models??? I thought the '01s and up had steel subframes....? Anyone know for sure?

I don't remember the web site but I think it was Martins haybusa site out of the UK they had a forum on the subframe damage caused by the GIVI bags hav'nt heard anything about the Beetle bags from Corbin. I found that page through ?=what is a Hayabusa.
this topic scares me, cuz i often ride with a passenger
my bike came with both the seat and cowling, so it better have been designed to hold a passenger
i may be a lil hessitant now
I've seen the pics of the brace ... but where might the frame actully crack? Wondering exactly where to look or has anyone here had the prob?