Is there a Busa group at Sturgis, or is it just Harley's? Is it a waist of time - maybe just vist for a day and keep on going...
Well, I guess out of 500,000 bikers - no one on a busa goes to Sturgis. Now I know why people ride Harley's - they are organized, like Connie riders. Its called Maturity. Busa riders seem only concerned about POWER. May have to join the group (buy a Harley) and feel like I belong to American cycling. Amen.
It cant be all American, surely there is something on a harley made in China.
I dont think i would take my busa to sturgis. Wrong group of people.
Been years since I have been @ Sturgis, I am sure things have changed for the better. When I went I saw many bikes moved (to say the least), that were not liked shall we say. I did not see many bikes that were not HD's, most likely because they could not get close.
I go to Daytona Bike Week every year, but not Stugis. I have always been a custom bike rider. Have a Big Dog now with 230 rear tire and 107c.i. S&S motor. I have my Busa on the way and it will be the first sportbike I have ever had. I know that the people in the H-D crowd are much better organized it seems. I have to admit that I fit in with those people better it seems, but I like both kinds of bikes. I like to just get on my bike and bar hop, its down right fun. But you dont find people in sportbike crowd that like to do that. So I will continue to ride with my same crowd, but I will pull out the Busa every now and then and smoke there azz. LOL
My limited understanding is that Daytona is considerably more open minded. I do know that the guys I ride with are on cruisers/harleys and since I've had 'bird (and now the Busa), it's just not as entertaining with them. Not that they're not fun, but the difference in performance limits the cruisers - I've still got a cruiser but it's collecting dust.
I'm with you win43 I like all kinds of bikes. But sportbikes really get me jazzed. I dont drink heavily but enjoy a couple after a long cruise. I was on a Harley road King last year all over the northwest ( Seattle ... ) we stopped at a bunch of brew pubs and had samples... that was really a blast. The road king was very comfortable but didnt get me much excited, wish I had my bike with me but then I know I would have to keep stopping for my buddy to catch up. hehehe...

Oh and I think we really need a sportbike fest instead of being "the other group" at Daytona & Sturgis.
I'll be in Stugis this year and if they don't like my bike ,
thats just to bad . Actually i'm going from Tacoma Wa. to Va.
and back . taking the month of Aug. off to see most of the country. If anyone else goes let me know and i'll meet you .
Oh yea , for those harley fans .... harley was
bought and owned by Honda for a very short time

Hey Fris! I'll be in Seattle the last 2 weeks of August and we are planning to ride to either Montana or maybe Banff Canada
I'll give ya my cel. # if your gonna be back from the east by then. How long should it take to ride out to Montana?
( Missuola I - 90 ) Not sure what I'll be riding yet last year was a Road King but I may rent a Honda VFR or ST1300 touring bike, unless anyone knows where I can rent a Busa???
It was bought by AMC for a short time, not honda.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
AMC owned them from around 72
to 80 I think, then since they were driving it in the ground
Honda bought it for only about 6 months . That outraged
employees so much that they went in with the original
owners and got it back .
Hawaiibusa , I'll be taking my time seeing the
sights . You can get to Montana in about 10 hrs
6-700 miles from my place . I'd like to hook up with
you but I doubt i'll be back until the 29th . As for
renting a busa good luck , I will check around for you
though . Catch some waves for me .
Many of my friends have HD's, Livin near Milwaukee, I would say there's many more Harly's than sport bikes, but I would comment that half of them buy the bike to be part of the "club" or the "tradition" and really don't care about a true love of motorcycling. But the other half will ride with what ever guy wants to ride and have fun! Those are the guys you want to Meet. As for going to sturgis on the Busa, Times have changed in the last 20 years, so I don't think you would run into problems unless you provoked it, but at the same time I don't think it would be Enjoyable at ALL!

Frisbee, what is your source of info on the HD-Honda relationship.  Has anyone else heard of this?  Knowing how everyone felt when HD got the tarriffs imposed on the Japanese bikes at that time I can't even see the execs from the two firms speaking to each other, let alone a buyout.  I think I would have to consider this an urban myth until it is documented.
I'll try to get the dates . I'm not a harley hater
I just think they're to slow and Expensive!
I don't hate them either.  I am just trying to plug a gap in my knowledge if this is true.  I was just wondering where you picked up on this.  Maybe other site members can help out if they are familiar with it.