Stupid criminals South Florida style

Blanca BusaLess

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There was a struggle first and then shots were fired. I am surprised he isn't dead though.
I just can't understand having a car like this in the driveway....


Walking past it and trying to rob the place. :banghead:


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I'm with Tall Tom on this one. Stinking dirty rat bastid cop. I hope they charge him with attempted murder, using a weapon in the commission of a crime, and the guy wins a huge civil lawsuit


With me how? COP was protecting his property from a robber who then apparently felt as if attacking the cop was a good idea. I'm with SkyDivr on this one. Cop needs to be a little more accurate with his pistol. This guy should be dead right now.

It will go bad if the cop or his buddies shows up a the hospital and beats the crap out of him while he lies there in critical condition. What's the dif? He's a piece of crap known criminal.

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