stupid cagers suck!!!


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Ok, so in light of all the crash storys being posted lately, I thought I'd go ahead and post an "almost crashed" story from sunday afternoon and a good idea of what looking ahead for warning signs will do for you.

Anyway, I was coming home sunday afternoon from camping out with my brother and I noticed a gold dodge caravan waiting to pull out of her driveway not even 500 yards from the turn in to my trailer court. I also noticed that her head was turned the other direction which set off a warning in my head. At the time I was traveling 60+mph(in a 45 no less) and immediately thought I might wanna slow down, sure enough, just as I started to slow down, the dumb ***** pulled out! It wasnt that she didnt see me...she never even turned her head to the left to even see if anything was coming! So she's crossing my lane to get to the oncoming lane and I'm already on the brakes about halfway thinking I'll be able to clear her if I ride the ditchline when it happens...she finally sees me and what does she do??? STOPS!!! Thats right, she hits the brakes, completely covering both freaking lanes!! I lock up the rear and pull harder on the front, left about a 10 foot skid before the rear actually came off the ground! I thought I was going to flip right into the rear drivers side of the van but the bike stops with the front tire mere inches from the back of the van! I got off the bike so fast that I didnt get the kickstand down all the way and it fell over which pissed me off even more so that I found myself, visor up, head in her front window calling her all kinds of new obscenities that I just happened to make up at the time...she looked scared to death but I'm pretty sure she'll be looking both ways from now on.:moon: Anyway, I got back on the bike and she wouldnt even move so I had to actually scream at her to get her dumbass outta the way so I could go home..not to mention that fact that she was holding up a few other cars as well by that time. Bikes got just a few more scuffs (there were already some from the previous owner) but otherwise its ok. This scenario happens just about every time I get on that thing but this is the first time that it was so close that I actually thought to myself "this is it". Well, after stewing it over for a few days I just thought I'd vent to you guys a bit that this "near miss" has kinda freaked me out a bit and I didnt even ride today...and it was 91 degrees outside.??? I was just thinking i an almost wreck got me this nervous, I can only imaging how I might feel if I had stopped only a few inches later. And how glad I am that I was able to evaluate what was about to happen. Always scan guys!
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Dang, I'm glad you're ok! Good thing you didn't lose your temper and get in trouble.
Glad your not hurt, sorry about your bike, slow down a bit and more than likely will not happen again Bro
I feel your pain brother, and I'm sure many on here do. I had the same thing happen to me but It happened so quick and in such a short distance I had to take the grass on the opposite side of the road. Pinched the tank with my knees and prayed to God on the 911 line :laugh: Dude was at a grave yard :shocked: Full Size van parked on right of way, and he backs out from in front of it in his mini cooper. As I make my moves I note he's on his cell phone. I waited for him at the stop sign just up the road a hundred yards or so, after God answered my request, and he pulls up and lets the passenger side window down. Still on the cell phone. He says are you alright, and even though I was extremely angry and the adrenline dump had to be massive; I just calmly stated God is the only reason I'm alive right now, and pulled away.
We're not noticed on the road dude. Plain and simple. It's part of motorcycling. It sucks,i's def not the fun aspect of the sport, but it's comes with the territory. Cager's just don't get it unless they've thrown a leg over the other side of the seat.

Can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing & raged a lil'. Glad your ok!
Good job resolving the situation to something that had you continuing home with you and the bike unharmed.

As far as " Re: stupid cagers suck!!! ", well, cager or not, all stupid people suck. :whistle:

Be safe! :beerchug:
We're not noticed on the road dude. Plain and simple. It's part of motorcycling.

this I know and it happens all the time to me but this dumb ass didnt even give a look over her left shoulder at all! If I would have been driving a car she still wouldnt have seen me and she would probably be dead right now! I just wanna make that clear...I get pulled out in front of just about everytime I ride but usually I'm overlooked, and this is the first time I've posted about it cause honestly, it scared the **** outta me,but this wasnt an "im on a motorcycle" thing, she just didnt even look at all! Hence the "stupid" part of the thread title,lol. I just dont understand how some people are allowed to drive. I remember reading a story awhile back about a woman that took her drivers test several hundred times before finally passing it and I'm thinking..if you're too friggen dumb to pass that simple test that many times them you shouldnt be allowed on the road when you finally do. Its obvious that if a person cant pass in at the most 3 or 4 trys that they are going to be a danger on the road! I mean come on...this lady has problably been driving since the wheel was invented and still doesnt get the concept of "look both ways". Sorry to rant but I'm still a bit rattled over the whole thing. Think I'll try to go for a ride tommorrow to get back on the horse:thumbsup:
Defensive riding, been teaching that to my kids since the could ride a bike, always assume the worst, that everyone in a cage is out to get you.