Strobe Lights up Front, in the Ram Air Duct


I've found some smallish strobes to put up front, ya know, to be seen better and all, and I am thinking about putting them, one each inside the Ram Air behind the inlet screen. I can wire them into the running light jumper and they will be on with the key.

Good Idea or Bad?

I know it will interfere slightly with the Ram Air, I am not all that concerned about going 200MPH. 150MPH is plenty fast 4 me.
umm been there done that except i hooked mine up on a seperate switch so i can turn them on and off as i please i had a few other bike riders thinking i was a cop once i put them on a switch also cause the local heat got on my case about it but i'll see about getting a pic and posting it tonight for ya
<span style='color:blue'>Strobes on a busa, now that would be to cool. Being a volunteer Fireman, I can run strobes on my vehicles, so I would love to see pics, and maybe I just might mount them, but it surely would be hard to ride to the scene in turnout gear on the busa, but I would make great time.</span>
yeah, i wouldn't mind seeing a pic too
It is illegal in most states without a special permit, to operate a vehicle with the strobes on......... But, if your stopped along side the road or broke down (shouldn't get you in trouble). I have a set on the Busa mounted in the headlight reflector and tail......... I ONLY use them if I'm pulled off along side a highway or having trouble! Planning on using the European hazard switch assy. to turn them off/on which will mount in the empty space on the right handle bar.
You could get a turbo system installed. The ram air tubes aren't needed then, so you could remove them and the screens. Now you have an opening for a set of driving lights!
Definitely put them on a switch because the police will definitely ticket you for it. I have mine hooked up to a remote controlled switch --kinda cool to be walking to your bike and hit strobes and watch the look on people's face....
Thanx all!  I'll getg a switch for them, take some pics, and let ya know.  I'm off camping for the weekend, I'll have to finish it on Monday.  
Got a switch and wired them into the running lights plug in the front.  I used the APC (U shaped) strobes I found at Kragen for under $20.00.  They come with 4 different color "slip on's", I stuck with the White/Clear and glued'em on w/ epoxy.  Don't want them sucked into the airbox.  "Ya get what ya pay for..."  they do not flash very fast, nor are they very bright (in daylight).  I took a little zip up and back on the highway for a quick speed/vib check.  I noticed that people got out of my way quicker and they actually saw me too!!!  They are serving their purpose, Yippee!!!

I'll take some pictures tonight or in the morning and post'em soon there after.
Some pictures of the finished of the lights. They are too fast for my poor digital camera to pick up, so you'll have to settle for this