Strobe lights as hazards.


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What kind of switch is anyone using? Want to keep this thing looking as stock as possible. Didn't like the BOX they call a switch, so I'm looking for suggestions. Wondered if I could use a switch off a Katana (turn signal with integrated hazard switch)?
go to autozone and by the remote controled switch for about $20. you can then wire it in and place the box either under the seat or near the airbox intakes. Either way it will be unseen. Then you can use the keychain remote to turn the strobes on and off. Oh and you get major cool points when you are walking up to your bike and hit the remote switch in your pocket and everyone notices that your strobes just started flashing and you aren't on it yet...
hey dezzy do you remember what the part number was or what is called from autozone ? i called and asked the guy there but he did not have a clue what i was talking about all he had was some kit but was like 80 bucks



Tricktape, the kit came with two strobes and power source. But I didn't care for the huge switch your suppose to use. As far as I was concerned the switch was a seperator item!
(Seperator Item: any unnecessary bell or whistle that seperates you from your money&#33