stretching the swing arm....need tips and advise (


Can you guys tell me or point me in the right direction, to get my swing arm streached. i haven't done nothing to the bike yet as far as any mods to it. But this was the 1st I am thinking of doing to get the power to the ground.

SO, I am looking for any help either to send it out to a place that does it? Or to buy 1 already done and if so from where?
also any tips or problems I might encounter.

I don't know if I am gonna have to get a longer rear break line to I don't know what. Chain size? sprocket? etc....

p.s. i am asking this for me brother in law. (no computer)
p.s.s its a 2002 busa


Depends on how far you want to stretch it..
Nick sells swingarm extenders, I believe it is 4" extension and the only other thing you would have to do is get a longer chain.

Send him an email here,


so is 4" about the most common streach being done to keep it a little more planted for launchs without taking away to much agility?

also too does this guy sell the whole swing arm or how is it done? is it welded?


It is a bolt-on extension. The other thing you can do to keep it planted (sounds like you are setting up for drag racing) is to lower the front a bit. Cheap way to do that is Reaper Risers. Check out this post:

You can get the risers from
Good guy, won't screw you.

Mr. Busa

Check out Frank Adams over at psychobike webpage Me personally I dont like adjustables or bolt on ext, I think I just have a phobia about stuff comming loose and falling off. The most common ext I have seen is 6" over. this is mostly for straight lines though.

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