Stretch-u-cation Questions; School me, please.


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Ok, so I've been riding big bore suzukis since 1978. I did have an 82 GS1100 (one of 5 total) with a 1260 kit & 33 smoothbores that regularly visited the Friday night run-what-you-brung drags at Firebird raceway in the mid 80s. Mostly though, I love twisties, so that is what I focus on. I can easily ignore the stretched bikes with huge tires the same way I ignore pro-street cars in favor of pro-touring ones. In my mind it has always been function first. Recently, I've been ignoring a thread or two on stretched bikes. . . they're almost invisible after all. This morning there wasn't much action yet and I decided to take a look. Now I'm not really one to jump into someone else's thread and say something negative, but I had urges. Then it dawned on me that I'm really kind of ignorant in this area. Lastly, although not a street racer, two years ago a teenager on a stretched cbr 600 pulled a holeshot on me and I felt compelled to reel him in. Could not get it done in less than an 1/8 mile. Also, I had played with some 2" bolt on extensions on one bike and was amazed at the 60ft time differences.
So if anyone is willing to impart their hard earned knowledge; give me the dope on this stuff. How much is for the launch? How much is for more tire? How much is for show. Curious if a minimal extension and say a 240 tire would raise or lower the fun quotient on the street.
School me!
All I know is I got a Mickey Thompson ET drag slick from a friend and I have to put the 6 inch extensions on just to fit it at stock ride height (flat style slick). Never tried it. But I want to lol.
I can only speak to the drag-race aspects of a stretch. You don't need a larger tire. Sometimes we'll even run a 180 instead of a 190 to save the rotating weight. Turbo bikes go in the 6's at over 200 mph on 190 DOT tires. At stock Busa power levels (Gen-2) the stretch is a benefit for all of first gear and the shift into second. After that not so much. I guess with the more aggressive gearing that is used with a stretch, second gear could be a problem at stock wheelbase. Of course you wouldn't gear down that much if you weren't stretched.

All that said, some guys do it for the looks not for racing. I guess it is no different than chrome on a Harley or a Vette that doesn't get taken to the track.
Thanks! Anyone else willing to share a little of what they've learned in this area?