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I've been making these videos for a little less then a year now, and have never shared them on here. Figured y'all would like to check them out.

This is of the local street race scene here in Houston. I just finished my teaser video for my 8th video, here it is.

And here's number seven. Check out all 8 if you have time!

RSV-Street Racing 7 - YouTube

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Yeah everyone is smart and drag races bikes at the track down here. Then there's the guys with 400hp turbo busas that **** up cars from a roll... Dunno who that guy is...
3 fastest street cars in Houston?

Cool vids I'm only about an hour from Houston, might have to come try to find you guys. Hmu if you guys have a meet up spot. My junks slow but I'd like to come and check out what you guys have