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Hi guys, Im thinking about starting a turbo home project but need some advice. I have already scoured the great message board by gary evens and also read practically every thread on other home builders projects and advice. so i already know the periphials needed for this to work. However there is a lot of ambiguity in choosing the right turbo itself. I think I see some are going with a GT-25, this the same thing as a T-28? I know that Hahn kits are a Super 16 G and the velocity is a garret T-28. I guess these Have worked well. My two budget minded choices are a TO4E T3 T4 Turbo, 57 comp. trim, .63 A/R turbin, .50 A/R comp. 3" inlet and 2" outlet dia. ..........or......a JDM T3 turbo, 45 comp. trim, .42 A/R comp. , 0.48 A/R turbine, 45 trim, 2.36 inlet, 2" outlet dia.. I would use an external wastgate for the JDM. I dont know if the T04E has an internal wastgate or not? Are these last two mentioned turbos o.k. choices for a 200hp, no top speed runs, quick spooling, 7psi boost (turbo system) on my busa? Will they be compact enough to fit in there. I think the JDM is for a suburu wrx..? I know this is a lot of info but thanks for any help.


all of those turbos are going to push over 200 hp. i would stay with t04e with external wastegate to avoid boost creep problems you have with an internal wastegate like the velocity kits. run a spacer an 7 lbs on the to4e should put you around 230-250 on pump gas with a good safe tune.


t-25 and t-28 are different. t-28 is about smallest i would think that you could practically use. it would almost be too difficult to make a tubro setup go for only 200hp, as there would only need to be like 3psi to achieve. turbos arent really meant to opperate under that little of boost conditions, so they would be hard pressed to make that little, espicially trying to control that exhaust gas at that little boost....HARD.

i would say get an external gate any way ya go. you can get a cheap chinese one of ebay (i did), for like $100 shipped, tial style. i think that velocity uses a t3 (custom), the garret kit uses a t-28, the ghetto a t3 (also custom), but yeah, ANYONE who builds the kits will never let out the secret of what compressors and such they use. it may LOOK the same on the outside, but it will be diff on the inside...not excactly sure, but i dont think that JDM refers to any particular turbo specifacally. i think it just means it came from a japanese car. make sure that if ya go with external gate to get a divorced housing (wastegate air is separated from turbine discharge). the to4e i think is one i was planning on using on mine, but found a local guy with a used evo 3 16g (a tad larger tha the big 16g).

i would say to learn about how to read and calculate flow and compressor maps and keep researching....the more you know, the better off and more confident you will be when you start building. i made mine myself and am getting the dyno tune tomorrow (hopefully). took a while, considering you need to track down EVERY single part and a retailer somewhere to get it from (online or down the street). some parts are readily available, others are not. i made mine with good confidence, but it was a little hack. should work well none-the-less. i researched for almost a year until i was confident in every aspect. read installation instructions several times..then do it over again. make sure you can do every step without needing help, because some parts may not be able to wait until answers arrive.

good luck


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