Strange parking


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since the bike is upright with the kickstand down, I'm gonna take a stab:poke: and say the tide came in


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I used Google to translate that for me since I don't speak Sweden.

"Mc-träffen in Badhusparken ended in scot of a motorcyclist. The trip ended in the Great Sea.

There is a Mc-träffen by more old school-style on the vehicles this afternoon in the parking lot at Thomée. A motorcyclist would drive off a piece and had to sidestep some stone pillars. Then something went wrong.
- A driver lost control of the cycle, and for right out of the Great Sea, "says Dahlin.
He says that many spectators were as paralyzed, but that it nevertheless quickly went to get the motor cyclist, the cycle was kept in the Great Sea.
- It was one and half feet of water. Motorcyclists and sat PUFF a good while afterwards, "says Dahlin.
The driver should not have been prejudiced in the case."
Another case of "forgot to re-install the pontoons after changing the oil" syndrome. This is right up there with "Damaged the forks - forgot to remove disc lock - again!". :laugh:


The woman who attempted to cross the lake with a heavy cruiser should have chosen a higher takeoff location.

- Albatross Taking Flight[/url]


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From what I can tell, the bystanders didn't do shiat to help and he had a smoke after the incident. :laugh:

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