Strange noise


Hey all. I've got a strange noise on my 2002. Sounds like a large rattle that occurs right at 2k RPM coming from the right side, can't be too much more specific than that.

It seems to die out as the bike warms up.

When its cold, if you rev it quickly to 3 or 4 as it falls back below 2k it rattles. Keep it at 2k, rattles. Below or above...nada.

Any ideas?
Ah yes..the old clutch basket the bike is cold and the idle is's coming from the primary gears.......seems we all have it..Cure...hold the clutch in till it starts to fast idle...1,500 or so....then let the clutch out....
Guess it's a big motor..big gears ...equals some rattle like a Harley...

Ps..It would seem important that the throttle body sync..comes into play with this dilema....remember those mercury balancers..