How do u pull a stoppie. I tried once and my bike flipped, luckily it was a cheap one. How do the Ymaha R1's compare to the busa
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Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It's You !!
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its like this "Tummy BJ" sorry, my girlfriend says that alot,she wipes her chin and pats her stomach. hee hee hee. up the mill on that bidch yer ridin' , no need to warm it up (the exhaust will burn less on yer skin if its cooler) wind(no,not the air goin' by...the clock thing) that muther fugger up too least triple digits..
thats over 100 MPH for those of you that dropped out in grade 9 , or those of you posin' this question ....
ride that bidtch one hella handfull O lever.

BOOM....yer doin it.....

happy skin grafts.....JIZ kiddin Tummy , JIZ kiddin....

actually I have no idea ....about anything....
Maybe take dropping yer bike as a don't want more scratches do ya........besides, stoppies are very hard on fork seals.........don't ask how I know this. :super: :super:
RSD...ur posts crack me up.
Tommy, this is not a stunt bike....if you want to pull tricks get an R1 or a gixx this here ride is for drags and speed basically keep the Rubber Side Down. Take my advise. :blush:
Actaully Tommy, Find an old worn out CBR600, or sv650. Strip her down to the bones put about 4 extra teeth on the rear. Then suit up and find a nice quiet place to practice practice practice.... Stoppies or cool, but they are really unforgiving, get it wrong and your going over. Beat the hell out of a an old rattle trap. Then when you get on your good street bike you should be able to get away with a little more without hurting yourself or the new sweet ride.
If you really want to do stunts, don't buy a busa. They will do them, of course, but they are not really good at them. Just to big, to long...
RSD, you are really going to the outer limits Bro...
Stoppies, although I have done nothing but skid the front tire on the bus, I managed a few littleones with the old r1.

Get going 50mph, squeeze tank with your knees. Click it in nuetral(very impotent, eliminates the big BANG whan it comes down, and is easier on parts). Lean into it, slightly apply the front brake to load the front tire. Then smoothly and progressivley squeeze the brake. The rear will begin to loft. Practice is key, don't expect to go hit the brakes and ride a 1000 foot stoppie.

Big tip: do not do these to a stop(although it's do-able). Keep it rolling. If you stop, or do it from 10mph at a stop sign, there is nothing more than luck keeping you from tipping over to the side. You need that gyroscopic movement to keep you balanced.

R1 to Busa
Two completely different purposes, it's hard to compare. Tell me what you want to know about them and I will try to help out. Had a 2000 r1 for 3 years before the busa.
How do u pull a stoppie. I tried once and my bike flipped, luckily it was a cheap one. How do the Ymaha R1's compare to the busa
If you tried once and flipped...You were close...So just keep on trying...That is if you can afford to keep repaining bikes...