stoopid question


Sorry for the real newb question guys, but does anyone know how to set the time on a gen II busa? I can't find my manual and its driving me crazy :banghead:


Lily's Daddy
if its the same as the gen one you would press in the top button and hold till it blinks(then release), then press the bottom button(hold it) and it will cycle through the time(may take awhile) when you get close to the correct time let up on the button and then press it for individual (minute) increments 1 press for each minute....when you are on the correct time turn the key back off (this will set it)
It's described on page 3-9 in your manual...
1. Push the SEL button and ADJ button at the same time for 2 seconds until the hour display blinks.
2. Adjust the hour display by pushing the ADJ button.
3. Push SEL button to highlight the minute display.
4. Adjust the minute display by pushing the ADJ button
5. Push the SEL button to return to clock mode

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