Hey my Busa (01 Blk/Slvr) was stolen! It's been recovered however, it's been stripped down! All that's left is the engine, frame, radiator and handlebars. Can anyone tell me if the sum of the missing parts is going to cause it to be counted as totalled. Can I get the parts to put it back together as a kit maybe? Please help. I don't have any credit and if the insurance company pays it off I won't be able to get another one.

Any help would be appreciated!

P.s. I wouldn't mind putting all black fairings on it.


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if insurance totals it they should give you the value not just pay it off which should be around 8000.00
I'm glad that you got most of it back. It depends on how much it cost to replace everything. The insurance co. isn't going to spend more then it's worth. If they do total it they will give you market value and you can ask them to sell it to you. Sometimes you can get a very good deal from the Ins Co. I don't know of a fairing kit but there are all kinds of parts on E Bay right now. You could probably build a complete bike right now.
IF all the fairing and gas tank are missing they will total it. If there is no damage to the engine and fram i would offer to buy that back from them. IThen I'ld take the rest of the $$$ and buy new fairing. That way you should have you old bike back with new fairings, and possibly $$$ left over in your pocket