Stock motor


when would you need internal work to your motor, about how much h.p. can you push on stock internals w/o having to worry about anything. what turbo kit would be good if i didnt want to do motor work, if there is one ?

320hp until you start pushing the limits.

wasy 171hp with pipes and PC

185hp- with Dry NOS and pipes and PC and Air Box mod

200hp with large hit of NOS

400hp with Turbo and NOS

Lots of good kits out there depends on what you want and what you want to spend.

Average $3500-$4,000 plus install $1,000 with Dyno tune.
NE thanks for the response, i dont want to spend more then $6,000 total, you think that is realistic ? and how about the clutch ? any mods i would have to make to that ?
You should be able to get a good system, mods and tuned for that. You do not need more then heavier springs in the clutch unless you are going to Drag race.