Stock Fuel Filter Replacment


So I had my Walbro intank fuel pump go bad and pulled it , What I found was a dirty filter with some stuff on the inside of it too . Well as we know those little filters are hard to find :) So I just wanted to share this with everyone , Found this from New Intank EFI Fuel Pump Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300, GSXR 1300, GSX1300R, GSX 1300R & Limited Edition 1999-2012 They will sell just the filter for $10

IMG_20130823_123603 (640x470).jpg
That is just the strainer. The filter itself costs a whole lot more. Usually around 250 bucks. There is a mod to use an external filter though.
Yea but a good strainer is always needed. That's where the dirt starts. I did the stock fuel filter mod (cut open and removed filter then resealed) myself also using a Bosch internal pump, wire tied FP regulator and modded fuel rail. With cleaned, flowed and balanced stock injectors, the bike runs strong.......oh and the TBs synce'd doesn't hurt either.

$10 strainer is a good deal indeed. I will order up 2 myself.