Stock exhaust modded gen 1

Searched all the threads on stock exhaust mods from can shortening to drilling holes. I didnt wanna shorten them cause im picky and the wrinkled ends would drive me nuts. I dont want a custom exhaust like an amazing brocks cause saving for a turbo setup so why not make a little louder while I have it.

I drilled small holes and left the exit pipe thru the vanity tip in place and it didnt get much different. I then took a step type bit dont know exact tool name but its a staggered bit from 1/4 to 1" I took and put 9 holes in the exit and got them as large as 11/16 all the way around and while at it I cut off that exit tip thru vanity plate. Once rain stops will get a soumd clip. Its years pasy gen 1s life span as all about gen 2 now but its much deeper now..

I had the hedman tips on for a while and they were always falling off and stuff so annoyed me plus wasnt sure tune was right so went back to sewing machine mode bit that was too quite. Will ride this. Week to get goos idea



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