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hey just a few questions... i dont want to sound like and idiont but i know im going to. how much boost will and all stock motor hold safely, and or what minimal mods to run say 6psi conservitively??

It all depends on the fuel you use and the kit. I ran 20psi on my 2000 for over a year till i turned it up to 23 and bent the wrist pins? So even with a safe tuneup it's a crap shoot to what yours will take total.
A well tuned stock motor with pump gas and 8psi boost will last for 20-30,000 miles if your not abusing it. I have a bunch of regular street guys out there making 8-10 psi on pump with 0 issues. The only guys i see have any issues are the guys that want to top out the bike every time they go ride. If that fits you then buy an intercooled kit, lower your compression and run better fuel when you go out.

Old Hahn kit with stock injectors, not very efficient. It made 317 @ 18 and never dynoed at 20. Tried the RC's at the time but it lost HP with them so i went back to stock and turned it down a hair.

so with all stock bike i can run about 10psi easily and not hurt it... i the guy to just go out and ride and do the occasional hammering on it not all out all the time... what kind of spacer are we talking about here?? sorry for the newbie questions...
really depends on the turbo. think the mr turbo's needed a lot more boost to run same numbers as newer kits. the pistons are good till about 350, rods about 300, others have gotten more, but these are the typical accepted numbers most stick too. 10psi is about the limit on stock compression if you have a really nicely designed turbo (like ghetto...), but this is a little pushing it. most will put on the spacer at 8+ psi or an intercooler or water inj. some do a combo os those as well. 6-8 psi is what i am currently looking for on my setup (homemade) and shooting for mid 200's.

good luck.

ps, after making my kit, i can understand why most people say to just buy a kit....there is a LOT of work that you wouldn't really think about in the process. i studied many peoples kits, both homemade and bought. the way tey installed, what they used...and so forth. LOTS of work. that being said though, i wish more people would...kinda catch 22 i guess. i am sure you will enjoy it either way ya go.


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(badassblackbusa @ Oct. 11 2006,04:19) spacer goes under the block and lowers compression.
umm dont you mean under the head?

edit: which would you guys prefer ghetto or velocity... stock motor no intercooler no spacer??
(Ruth|ess @ Oct. 11 2006,21:02)
(OZBooster @ Oct. 11 2006,14:49) Under the block on a Busa , spaces it up without causing headgasket problems
ok can someone explain this for me then??? i have to call bullshit on this
the cylinder sleeves are not an integral part of the block. much like the head is separate from the cylinders.

if you look just above my finger in te photo, you can see that there is a line down the engine. this is where the cylinders separate from the block itself. so, put a spacer there, and the cylinders dont go any hgher than before, and the head is now further away....less compression

no ruthless a head gasket goes under the head a spacer goes in between the block and the cases. go back to school and learn some more before you call bull on anybodies post son.
if youre gunna boost a stock motor be safe about it and get some "insurance". Gary Evens (hes on this site) told me about this.  put in an over boost ignition cut out switch.
my bike over boosted and killed the motor. wish i knew about this switch last year....

good luck with it!!
thanks again to Gary!!

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