stock busa sustainability at 125-150mph extended distance rides...please weigh in

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wonder what peoples opinions would be on the sustainability and oil usage of a gen 1 thats in good condition, thats running at 125-150mph, non stop

how many miles do you think it would last?

I am mostly a literbike guy, and have had no issues running hondas, all models from the 9-last gen 1krr, at 125-140 for 7-10 hours straight, and some gsxr1000s. bikes I continued to ride without issue afterwards. I am looking at doing something, some of you can probably guess what. I have been riding sportbikes for well over a decade, I am not interested in arguing about anything, I just want to see what the consensus is on the reliability issues.

all of my research is pointing me in the direction of either a blackbird, dont hate, or a busa. the 14 just isnt my thing, and the numbers are not where I would want them to be. ironically economy at speed is a significant issue as well, the 14 falls flat their too comparatively.

any links to dudes that do endurance rides on busas for a good place to start? I have just hashed the math out, over and over for years. now I want to start doing some more real world research.


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Nothing the matter with a blackbird.

There are guys on here with 100,000 miles on a busa with only 1 clutch done and oil changes.

Go for the long ride...whats the worst that can happen.???

I beleive in "fast break-in=fast motor". If somethings gonna "let-loose" then its gonna let loose.

Ride it like ya stole it.



the gen2 busa held the world endurance 24hr record at 132mph so no reason the gen 1 wouldn't be too far off that....busa engines in stock form are massively under stressed and can take high speed all day long.
oil usage on a busa is minimal if any between services for road use and as long as its good oil that can cope with the sustained heat from a long high speed run it shouldn't use any


I went up one tooth on the front sprocket and the bike gets awesome gas mileage. It will EASILY run those speeds all year long. I'd run a good synthetic and then your off to the highway! Good Luck.


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These bikes are crazy reliable and 125 MPH isn't stressing this bike. I think it could handle the 150 MPH no problem. You might even gain a little dropping a tooth or two on the rear. Experts should be along. I'm not one.


Just so I'll know next time, where/what type of run would you be riding where you could maintain those speeds without running out of roads or worrying about LEO's?


I went up one tooth on the front sprocket and the bike gets awesome gas mileage. It will EASILY run those speeds all year long. I'd run a good synthetic and then your off to the highway! Good Luck.

Did you notice a big drop off in gearing power by going 1 up in the front. How much did it change ur rpm at 70, 80


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last time I played in moderate triple digits I noticed a drop in fuel economy. I went from 48 miles to the gallon to 32 miles to the gallon. As far as stability it was rock solid. At about 90 is where my bike seems to come together almost as if it is an just another extension of me. Truth be told I still have the stock suspension set up and I might need to readjust my sag. Like it was said before the busa motors were built for more than those speeds so I will just begin to wake up and breath at those speeds.


....wonder what peoples opinions would be on the sustainability and oil usage of a gen 1 thats in good condition, thats running at 125-150mph, non stop

how many miles do you think it would last?


This reminds me of the 1999 fast bikes magazine trip of four guys riding from Calais to Cannes France. It was done on a Busa, R1, Blackbird and ZZR1100, the first three bikes made the trip to the end. A busa at 125-150mph should last longer than you can ride would be my opinion. I say this because in the movie the busa at many times was doing runs at 195 miles in 1 hr 15 min, average traveling at 3 miles a minute (180mph) and would go thru a tank of gas in 25 minutes.

If you never seen the video you can find the 1 hr vid on youtube.

Fast Bikes Yamaha YZF-R1 Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa Kawasaki ZZR 1100 - YouTube

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So ah, where ya gonna be doing that? :thumbsup:

Not sure about constant speed but I made it back from the bash in just under 11 hours and total miles for the day was approx 900. I was running those speeds all day long but did stop to eat and fuel up.

Answer to your question is forever.


I can't say about your questions.. but I'm interested in what you're going to be doing with it? No hate here, just curiosity.
the first thing I would be doing is a pressure and leakdown test on whatever busa I pickup, and then some fuel and oil consumption tests at 150 over the course of 1-2 hours to get a baseline.

the biggest unknown for me is oil consumption at speed. I have had some bikes that are insanely thirsty, and some that dont drink a drop. that would be the biggest risk I think.

I am also trying to figure out what the ideal DC would be. the issue with streamliners, or anything with a ridiculously low DC is that its tough to slow down, comparatively. so I would have to retain reliable braking, that would not ruin the system, but still bump my engine load and economy. the balance between economy and stopping ability is key I think. Its not very tough to stop a literbike with a crap DC at 150, you drop one or two, pop up, and lightly apply. with a more streamlined busa with some extra fuel, I can imagine it being a different situation.

I would like to do about 17.5 hours of straight endurance riding averaging about 150mph. on a closed oval track of course. fueling up as few times as possible. but the math works out to roughly 2600 miles.

I have built more than 1 busa engined 1000, and I am wondering if going in that direction and shedding weight is the answer, or the opposite, and the stability and size would be an advantage.

thanks so much for the responses. I love this forum, and busa riders in general. not many places you talk about this sort of thing without people crawling out of the woodwork to be unpleasant. It astounds me the number of people that buy sportbikes just so they can be officious cocks to people that use them for what they are intended for.

anyhow, I am going to keep doing more research, and hunting around.


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did 140 for a few hours in Montana on the way to Sturgis Never a problem , smooth as hell.


You will notice a small drop off in accelleration going up one tooth on the front sprocket. For highway use it is no big deal and for city work it is still no big deal. The bike has plenty of torque. Unless you race people you will never notice the change. I was doing 78 at 4000rpm, 98 at 5000 rpm, 116 at 6000 etc. You can go 120 all day long. Trevelling at 90 mph you do not use much more gas than going 70. The bike is NOT a gas hog.


I second majestic the busa is happiest at 90 mph that's where it wants to be. I only weigh 170 lbs and usually ride fast everywhere and get 45-55 mpg. In town only I got 35mpg Is the worst being I have gotten. Here the fe months though I have been putting around just to see how much mpg I can get. And I recorded 60 mpg twice now . 210 miles when my fuel like come on.

We once had a 120 mile race and I made it in about 45-50 mins that about 160 mph average and got it to 205 once. I know this cause GPS on my phone recorded my top speed. The best part is I got 42 mpg on this trip.

I have. 08 though... Should be bout the same for. Gen 1

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