Still new to the busa and its fi... Will my old tools work?


First off thanks to all who gave me some awesome feedback for the rotor drag issue! I'm sure with your help I'll figure it out. So here's my new question ... I've only put about 300 miles on the bike since I bought it and am in love! I've noticed that it runs a little rough at low rpm.. I'm thinking its a sync issue and I've got some old carb sync meters that I used with my zzr. They are the ones with the mercury in them. Will they work with with the FI system on the busa? And if so do you all think that the rough idle will be solved by that?

02 busa
9000 miles
New plugs
New oil
New k&n
New coolent
A carb sync tool will work to sync throttle bodies also.
It may or may not fix the problem, but worth a try.
First, what is your idle set at? Should be around 1150 or so, if its below 1k it will be rough.