STIHL BR600 Leaf Blower to dry the bike after washing!!!


A good friend of mine introduced me to this excellent way to quickly and effectively air dry the bike after I wash it with soap and water (I do it about once a week now). At first I thought it was pretty nutty, but the BR600 is awesome.

I recommend a commerical STIHL BR600 Leaf Blower, its very powerful and doesn't give the water time to dry, it really gets the water out of all the cracks fast, I don't recommend drenching your dash with soap and water though, just alittle will be fine in that location.

I use the leaf blower on my cars too, works really really well, you no longer need to use towels to dry the vehicles and potentially put small scratches on your paint and not even know it...Any dirt or debris on your towel will give your paint tiny scratches that you don't really notice until theres tons of em...

A brand new commercial STIHL will set you back about $400-$500 though, so I recommend getting one on Ebay and trying to find one there, I picked mine up used for $250, i've had mine for awhile now, you get about 10-15 dries with one tank of gas, maintenance with the BR600 is minimal and only need to replace air filter, alot of STIHL dealerships are out there to service it, but that won't need to be done very often, in fact I've never even had to take mine in yet. Plus you never know when you need that leaf blower it comes in handy for many many things around my house, I even use it to blow the dust out of my vehicles because im a smoker and it works real well, just thought I'd let you guys know because it has really been an excellent purchase. :beerchug:
Craftsman works also. Although I don't use water on my bike.

I'm sure it does work, but not like a BR600 :-)

I never used water on my bike either till i got the STIHL, now I rinse it down, grab the sponge with soap, and wash it just like a car, rinse it off real good and then grab the commerical blower.
I have been using the leaf blower and air compressor for years to speed dry the bike. Gets in all the nooks and crannys.
The best part about it though is NO MORE TOWELS! My wife once dropped a towel on the cement on accident and didn't shake it off and proceeded to dry the car, well, she put swirl marks all over her mercedes benz, ughhh. I think that was the most annoying part about not having the blower, always had to have a clean towel, and if 1 wasn't enough I had to have another, anyways, take it easy!
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I use my leaf blower, I cant even think of the brand I have off the top of my head. It was a gift from the father in law:thumbsup:
I use my leaf blower, I cant even think of the brand I have off the top of my head. It was a gift from the father in law:thumbsup:

Nice, well, when you get over to my house one day we'll wash the bikes and you can see how well the STIHL BR600 does the job compared to what you got :rofl:

If grandma can't babysit on sat. its no biggy, I still plan on Sunday you can show me some good roads around here...
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