Stg-2 Yoshimura Cams Gen2


Hi guys this the first post for me and I need your help
I already fix Yoshimura Stage 2 Performance Camshaft Kit on my Hayabusa 2008
P/N 211-509-0200
  • Intake : Lift 10.1mm / Duration 258.0 degrees
  • Exhaust : Lift 9.2mm / Duration 244.0 degrees
  • Standard Tappet Clearance(mm) : IN 0.13mm / EX 0.23 mm
  • LC 106 in 108 ex
  • Now my question I purchase Wesco pistons kit
  • p/N CK203
Displacement: 1340cc
Bore - Standard: 81.00mm
Bore - Actual: 81.00mm
Bore - Oversize: STD
Stroke: 65.00mm
Compression Ratio - Actual: 13.5:1
Now all what I need to know what the best lobe centre for the intake and exhaust should I degree the cams or I leaving 106 108 (I needmid and upper end performance)
Thanks for any advice