Steering Stem Bearings . Have A Look :)


New to us but used machine 21,300 miles 2009 Ninja 500R aka EX500 . well taken care of however there are a few issues to be sorted out . I want to point out most people over look this due to effort to check/service . Just do it every fork service , and you will be OK :)



I bet the handling was screwed. Hard to explain, but was it kind of difficult to ride straight i.e. it wanted to wander one way or another? That's what I've noticed with too tight of steering bearings. Looks like someone adjusted the bearing pre-load too tight?

I know on old ball bearing type steering heads if you came down too hard too many times doing wheelies the balls would "dent in" to the races and make it feel like what you have.


it did not turn in or handle correctly , but the rear wheel being off 8 mm in the swing arm was no help either . Just came from a short test ride after going over the whole bike . It is so much better now .


Wow previous owner must not have known jack about their bike. I bet that bike is happy you bought it. Hope your boy loves it.


we are the 4th owners . 3rd owner did the most work to the bike . It was a commuter . Lubed all cables/piviots today , cleaned chain/sprockets , and painted the rebuilt fork lowers . Not sure why the rebuilder didnt throw some paint on them it looked like ass lol



19 year old son . $2200 he started @ 3500 last month came down to 2500 , and I talked him to 2200 . there were some cleaner , but this one had rebuilt forks with heavy springs / better rear shock , Oxford heated grips , and woodcraft adjustable clip ons

Wife has the yamaha T Max 500


Looks like you're getting it back to like new. I guess I thought most all bikes since the 80's used tapered roller bearings.

Was there any sign of why it had the "notch" when turning the triple?


notch was from dried grease the bearings had to roll over , bike stored on center stand point straight forward is my guess . No dents/damaged to races so I cleaned/reused the parts . Works fine now , and rides much better . Remember when you say 80's this is just a recolored 87 model EX500 with 17 " wheels . 1987 to 2009 production with 1994 being the remodel to 17"wheels with a few other changes .
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