steel vs kevlar brake lines


So, I was looking at getting new brake lines and clutch lines and I was all set to get the Galfer stainless steel brake lines when I saw that Goodrich made Kevlar ones. I am sure there are many other brands too. I am curious if anyone has any information on the differences or benefits to one over the other. I am assuming Kevlar is much lighter, but besides that....any ideas?
Kevlars are much more flexible and make it easier to route than steel.
Kevlars are also much lighter, but when I installed mind, it didn't feel like the brake action was any stronger with them.
That's were I think the steels are better for a strong and harder feel. I guess the Kevlars flex a little more that the steel under braking. This is on the Kawi ZRX1200 I once had.
They do look great though on the bike.

Spiegler USA makes some sweet brake lines as well...  Kevlar or Braided better?
 I dunno, I will prolly be upgrading to Braided stainless though and they will be Spieglers Plastic Coated Stainless lines...

only the prize would be different - steelbraided won´t stretch when pulling the lever and certainly not kevlar - because kevlar is even much stronger than the steelbraiding.

the only recommandation i would give is to use two long lines from pump to bothe calipers to avoid the front fender crossing.
there even tiniest air bubbles will be collected to one bigger one what then occurs a bad braking feeling.