Steel Braided brake lines...


Time to upgrade my brake lines to steel braided. I've seen a bunch of differnt manufactures and a HUGE range of costs...any suggestions? what have you guys usd and paid for them?
I'm in the same boat Darkeyce, Looking for better braking. I saw, on-line, some Kevlar braided lines with aluminum banjo fittings. They claim the Kevlar stretches even less than braded steel and is lighter. The ones I saw had bright blue plastic over the braid and red anodized fittings. Don't remember if they are DOT or where I saw them on-line. I'll check and get back to you.
Goodridge or Galfer steel braided brake lines. I have the plastic coated ones because they are easier to clean. When I was checking , and I'm cheap, Kneedragers had the best prices. you can check their website
Exactly what Dezzy said. Goodbridge and Galfer are tops. I ordered the sets for all around my bike (i.e. brake lines, clutch, and rear brake) for $150. That was a damn good price, and I'm like Dez...always trying to find the best deal. This is where I bought mine, so try 'em out: Newport Cycle Parts

I also bought my TRE from them ($65). They have just about anything you need for a Busa and at some very good prices in my opinion. If memory serves me well, I think I bought all my brake lines and TRE for a total of $238, which included shipping. Hope this helps you out.

Goodridge small diameter lines with plastic coating are the best from what the racers have told me. I think there is a set for sale on SK's site.
I am running the Goodridge brake and clutch lines on my Busa. One thing to keep in mind, if you run a Genmar or Heli Bars, those front brake lines are dangerously tight!!!!!! I know since I am running the 3/4" Genmar and could not get the brake calibers back on without compressing the forks. I hate to think of the stretch on those lines everytime I wheelie... Therefore, I bought a set of Hel lines that are +2" in length for the front brakes. That way I can run the bigger Genmar or Heli's with no problems. The Hel lines were $90.

BTW, you will notice a BIG difference in braking with braided lines, I would NEVER go back to rubber lines. In fact, that is one of the first things that will get swaped when my Turbo gets back...
Thanks for all the help guys...I ended up ordering Galfers from I got front and rear + Clutch for ~$185. The I added Speed bleeders at $10 each. Overnight (so i can work on it this weekend) was $29.
Hey Doc there is a Goodridge manufacturer here, and I know they can custom make their brakelines to give you a 2 in extension. And they cost about the same $1 or $2 difference. Next time you get them call them directly or tell the person you want them from that you want them two insches longer. They pretty much build all their stuff to order which is why you sometimes end up waiting to get their stuff.