Stealth Radar Detector Set Ups

OK you lawless bunch of speak freaks where do you mount your radar detectors and some wiring tips please. I just got my V1 and thinking a small tank bag set up will keep it out of sight should I get pulled over by LEO's  

It will also make it easy to remove at stops and out of direct sight to thieves.

Please tell me your suggestions on mounting, wiring, hiding, and operating the electronic counter measures  

Pics if ya got em.

Thanks Dobie
Well, I don't have a V1, but here's how I installed my Escort. . .

I got a hardwire kit for it so I could put it on a switch.  First run one wire from the battery and one from the 12v side of the hard wire kit.  I ran mine through the bottom brace right under the cluster cause I wanted the switch and everything on the right side.  (see where the wires go in the right side and come out the left, as you're looking at it in the pic.)


Then solder the 2 wires onto the switch.  You might have to cut a couple strands of wire to get it through the terminals on the switch.  (don't forget to slide some heat shrink over the wires before you solder.  If you don't you'll be doing this step a second time) For the switch I used a mini-toggle switch.



Then slide the heat shrink up and use a heat gun to shrink it.  If you don't have a heat gun a lighter will do fine.  Only, a lighter will burn the heat shrink and a heat gun won't.


I just tied the extra wire up behind the cluster.


To protect the switch from the elements and give it a weather/wash proof seal, I used a rubber cover with o-ring rather than the lock nut supplied with the switch.



Cut a hole and mount the switch wherever you want.  I mounted mine on the right side inner fairing.



I had big problems with the detector bouncing like crazy every time I hit a bump and would even bounce so much it smacked the windscreen.  I was afraid it was either going to fall off or do some damage to the detector so I took out the suction cups and bolted it to the screen.



Finished product. . .

I put my V1 on a steering stem stand. Got a remote display for it so i may relocate it to the top of my tankbag instead but i do like where it is since it picks up signals quite well.

As for wiring, rather then do the hardwiring dance I went for gregs wiring harness instead:

It's key on power which plugs into the "Euro" connector near the right turn signal. Has one hookup up near the dash (obviously for the V1) and 2 for the tail for phone chargers and such. Will probably hookup a cig lighter or other adaptor to one terminal for the cycle pump tire inflator i'm ordering soon.

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