Stealing gas in LA

4.07-4.25/gal for regular on the east end of Long Island. Its under $4/gal here in NC now. I know the gas station closest to the Orlando airport has been almost $6/gal since the summer, 1/4 mile down the road its 3.30s-3.50s. This is clearly targeting the tourists as there are discounts if you go in and show a FL license, so how is that legal? I think folks are just going to have to either stop using as much (not likely) or a major change in DC will have to happen (umm yeah right). We have all this new found oil but until the USD is worth more than TP we are probably going to see gas prices hover over $3/gal for a long time :banghead:
Im gonna start stealing gas soon myself, anybody got any tips? :laugh:

Stay away from Motor homes. :laugh:

Thief gets a mouthful trying to siphon what he "thinks" is gas Police got a call one morning from Dennis Quigly, the owner of a motor home. Dennis had been inside his motor home when he heard weird noises from outside. Apparently, a thief was trying to siphon gas from his vehicle. (Siphoning is when you transport liquid from one place to another, usually using a rubber hose.) You gotta suck on the hose to get the liquid moving, sometimes getting a mouthful. This thief sure got a mouthful - of sewage! He'd sucked from the wrong tank. Police found vomit on the ground beside a young man who was curled up in a ball. No charges were pressed cuz Dennis thought the dumb thief had suffered enough.
Im gonna start stealing gas soon myself, anybody got any tips? :laugh:

Best & only advice, especially in NY --- Don't get caught!

NY has instituted penalties to your driving privileges if you are caught stealing gas so in addition to the massive amounts of fines, repayments, etc they make it so you cannot legally (if that matters) drive to do it again