Stealing gas in LA

In south Florida, there was a couple that would park a truck and trailer rig over the main fill connections, open a trap door in the bottom of the trailer, open the fill port, and pump fuel to an external tank. They hit the same gas station a few times in a row. They figured they had an inside connection. I never heard if they got caught or not.
I don't know! I would have to think twice about pulling the trigger on the gas thieves if I was that cop.... open fuel top on the station, one shot and the next thing you might see is bright yellow flash followed by a mushroom cloud:laugh:
$5/gal is not sustainable PERIOD. There will be more of these types of things, the economy will feel it if those types of prices start popping up around the country. Not sure where the fix is but something needs to be done for sure. I saw a guy at the station the other day put $7.50 in his tank. It wasn't even 2 gallons and the car was, well a complete POS. You have to wonder how minimum wage folks survive these days. Fortunately I'm above minimum wage but seems like every other day my wife is telling me "I put another $100 in the tank"...stuff adds up quick :banghead: I cant imagine spending $150/tank but seems like its coming quickly
In some areas I saw in Cali it is $5.75 for premium. If you have an suv, man you are really hurting. I know when I had my expedition, I would never drive it. 26 gallon tank and 350-375 to the tank was not cool. I don't know how they are managing in Cali.
My daily commute is 80-miles roundtrip (400 miles/week) and so very grateful and glad that it costs me FREE-99 (yup, ZERO dollars) riding this

its the beginning soon everyone will be hurting so bad .....things will happen
It sucks.
Enough that the local politicians want to know if this is a giant scam, ala ENRON. 50 cent increase in one day, now come on. Personally, I think it's a giant scam. If you read up on the Enron story, they took this whole state all the way up to the governor for a giant ride.

14 mpg. So tell me about it. Walked in today, handed the guy a $100 bill. Walked out and got 3/4 tank of gas.


AAA just released that CA hit an all-time high of $4.66/gallon average...ridiculous!!!
We're hovering around $3.52 here (regular)'s sad when you get excited it dropped to where it is now...our tolerance is slowly increasing, which is what they want anyway...I remember thinking "It'll never go above $2" and now we're happy it's only $3.52 :banghead:
Well, I know it's not gonna happen, but when I was a little fella sugar went up to $5 / lb. My Mom and every mom in this country stopped buying the crap. The sugar shortage ended quickly and the price dropped to what it had been.

That's what it's gonna take folks. A few greedy arse speculators ( and our good politicians in Washington DC ) are lining their pockets while the rest of us suffer. Oil prices drive up the price of everything.
I have a 120 mile round trip commute to work, so 600+ miles a week just on my vehicle if I don't go anywhere else. It sucks, but I have to work so I can pay for gas, so I can work, so I can pay for gas.......wait a moment, what am I going to buy food with?