starter problems on 2001 Hayabusa


I also have had 2 starter problems on a 2001 Hauabusa. It has 2300 miles total. The first one occurred when the starter sprague clutch slipped. It was replacerd by a local dealer. Next, the idler gear and the starter gear on the starter shaft bit the dust. It is now out of warranty. I tried to use the telephone number given by Kawafaski at FABUSA on this forum march 2002. However, the number just rings into a fax machine or something. Anyone know if Suzuki is actually replacing the starters of the ones that fail whether they are in warranty or not? I am pretty pissed. It should not have failed in just 2300 miles of riding. The local shop tried to tell me it only happens with bikes like mine that aren't ridden very much because the battery doesn't maintain a charge and this causes the starter to draw more amps.... and so forth... and so on..... Sounds like BS to me. If the gears are weak they are weak! Besides, I keep the battery charged when it sits using a cycler to maintain charge. Anyone know the procedure to get Suzuki to replace these parts? Thanks!