Starter making odd sounds 2000 Busa Info needed


Never Forgotten
I have a 2000 Busa with 28,000 miles. Starter Has not been modified. The starter sounds like it is not engaging will grind a little bit, then catch and start up.
I pulled the cover off an hour ago expecting the worst - everthing looks normal - I thought I would find teeth broken off but everything looks fine.
Tried the starter button with gear off - spins over fine with no noise. All teeth on all the gears look good, no visable cracks in case
Any words of advice ? What could be the problem?


Try the starter clutch, there are shims all the way round the inside, easy replaced on eBay quite cheap


Never Forgotten
Thank all of you, yes you are correct starter clutch among other things, also I thank Kevin at KWS for his advice


I had this problem with my '02 and it was indeed the starter clutch (sometimes the starter would engage, sometimes there would be a horrible awful clunk, sometimes a slight grinding noise). I purchased a take-off starter clutch on eBay for about $90, a printed gasket locally for about $10, and then of course did an oil change while I was in there. My total repair cost was around $130; total hours were about 3, though knowing what I know now I could pare this down to an hour pretty easily.

I did a write-up with photos during the repair; if you're interested, let me know and I'll post it.
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