Starter Clutch Problems


Someone posted the following statement:

".....and incidentally Black SE is the fastest color. Just got my 2003 Black and Grey busa a week ago. I had a deposit on a 2002 black SE....but was afraid of the starter clutch problems that have plagued a few owners so I switched to 03. Love my bike but sure wish it was ALL black."

I am going to buy a ALL BLACK!!! I wanted to know more about this issue with the bike.
The Problem is with all the 02's, not just the LE's.  It has to do with the starter taking a hit and coming apart if you fail to get your bike started and it gets a dose of compression induced kickback.  There are cases where when the starter comes apart it actually damages the engine case and you are looking at a huge repair bill, there is a fix out there for it and if it does go just make sure your bike is under warranty or try to get your dealer to perform some preventative maintenance and replace the suspect bits before it breaks.  
   My thought on this is to watch your starting procedures, make sure you get the bike started the first time with one good crank, if you don't wait a few seconds before thumbing the starter again and you should be OK.  I love my all black LE, it has a certain "stealthy" "Tuxedo" kinda look it, the only down side is that it is a MOTHER to keep clean.  Every little bit of dirt stands right out.
  Also, I think in Canada Suzuki is offering an 03' LE in all black.  I dunno for sure but I think I heard that.  If it is true you may be able to get the same 03 LE in all black in Europe.

OK Kerberos started this thread--Hayabusa Forums » Technical » Common Problems » A Word to the wise.

Check it out in the Common problems section, top post. Good information.
I live in Portugal, Europe.

The dealer told me the all black Busa I'd seen in the showroom was a 03 model. But I had never heard anything about it anywhere.
The first time I saw something written about the all black busa was in the forum and it was about a 02 LE. Not a 03!

Now that you spoke of a 03 All Black for European markets, I believe in the local dealer... (I suspected he was trying to sell me a 02 model as a 03).
The 2003 model busas supposedly have a much larger starter gear, helping to clear up the problem that plagued some of the 2002s. Revlis is many other countries including Canada and Europe, you can get an all black 2003!!

Go for it. I love my bike, but all black would have been perfect. Revlis has the COOLEST busa color. Nothing will turn heads like an all black hayabusa going down the road. Yes they may be a pain to keep clean, but the bikes surface area is very small compared to all the black autos I've had in my life.
YEP, Babuski is correct about the starter and yeah nose around a little, talk to a couple of Suzuki dealers and you should be able to find an 03' LE Black. There should be a couple of sign obvious between the 02's and 03's. At least in the States. The 03's will have Gold Calipers, and Titanium Nitrided fork sliders, (Gold in Color). The 02' (Stateside at least) has regular silver fork sliders, and black calipers.