Stampede Travel Heads Up


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Cal Trans is doing some major renovations to I 80. This may impact your travel plans if you are planning running up I 80 into Reno for the Stampede. You may be forced to detour if you are trailering.

Still a little early as Cal Trans hasn't posted the July closures. Just thought about it, so posting it before I forget.

Here's the Website.

Not a panic situation by any means but may save you some inconvenience if you know whats up and when.


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thanks for the heads up... Cap and I will be on the right side approach to Reno, hopefully it is clear. Now where is the Nevada trans site?...:whistle:


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Thanx, I think I will be traveling up hwy 70 ( awesome scenery ) to 395 then drop into town from the north side. Will only take an extra 10 minutes or so and I will avoid I-80 all together.


I-80 is a brutal right now. Sunday nite it took us a hour to travel 3 miles. This was at 11:00pm. Lots of road repairs going on.

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