I have an 05 Busa that I bought used with 1,500 miles on it. It has an Arata full titanium exhaust. If I come to a stop from high rpm's the bike stalls out. I also have a good bit of black residue on the inside of the pipe. Any help or similar experiences would be appreciated.
From a high RPM it stalls at the stop? I'd bet money that your idle is set too low. What does it rest at? Should be between 11 and 1200 rpm at idle...
Heavy black residue usually means the bike is running rich aka: too much fuel in air to fuel ratio. If this is the case it needs to be fixed regardless of the stalling. Take it to the shop and have the necessary adjustments made to the ratio and see if that helps first. That's what I'd do anyway, just my 2 cents.

Check your idle speed 1100-1200 is where ya need to be
i agree with redlinestands, too much fuel can cause the bike to bog out especially after coming down from a high rpm as that fuel is backing up without the air and ignition it had before to burn it. Take it to the shop and have her adjusted.
It idle's at about 900rpm, and it is pretty lumpy when idling. I have a good shop in the area I will take it to. Thanks
(Bu$aDude @ Dec. 11 2006,09:00) It idle's at about 900rpm, and it is pretty lumpy when idling.  I have a good shop in the area I will take it to.  Thanks
You can adjust the idle your self, but the fuel air mix might be better done at a shop. Idle adustment is ont he right hand side, just under the throttle bodies... not hard to adjust at all!
Mine had never had the idle speed adjusted and I bought it at 3200 miles. It was also lumpy at 900. Sounded cool but stalled out. I bumped it up to spec and have never had another issue with it. The black tailpipe may not be a rich mixture. I have black tailpipes and manage 50MPG on the hiway and 43 around town. You may want to consider getting the t/bs synched though. Mine were only a little off but made a very noticeable difference in performance when the snch got tweaked more closely.
Just a clarification, of course I'm doing the idle myself. I will probably still take it to a shop to see if there is an underlying mixture problem. I thought most would reply to get a power commander being that I have the full exhaust and that would resolve the issues. But now I have to figure out a new way to rationalize the Power Commander.
Set the idle and take her out for a good ride...the mixture is probably NOT a issue
Thanks everyone. I bumped up the idle to 1,100 RPM's. It seems to have cleared up the problem. I took if for a 20 minute ride and I could not get it to stall.
Glad she's taken care of. And that is what the board is for!
C how much you saved by being here! So a 5 spot to the Org is a steal for the fix, and any to come.
Mine is set around 1500 rpm. That might seem a bit high, but it works just fine. The lower you go, the more you risk stalling. In a leaned over turn, that can cause you a lot of grief (you end up on your side with a bunch of scratches to your bike and pride). Higher is better than lower. All the horsepower you like comes at the cost of a smooth low idle. Kick it up a notch. Too high won't hurt you. Too low can.