I have an 02 busa, one problem I am having is frequent stalling. This happens after a good run, hot temp, or hard braking. Anyone else had problems?
What's the idle speed set at? If it's below 1000, it will stall. I have the same problem but when I adjust the idle it won't stall. Seems that I have to adjust the idle speed every two months.
i went from a 99 katana 750 to a 99 busa, and i'm still stalling it occasionally. one reason being the hydraulic clutch is grabbier than the cable on the kat and isn't as adjustable.
second being that if i just snap the throttle once or twice real quick (from 1000 to 2000rpm), at say a red light the engine stutters, bogs, or stalls.
i have a 02 and every once in a while it will stall when i downshift into first. just out of nowhere. there is also a wierd bump in the idle that hits every now and then and it will go away and just show up again. what is going on?
I have an 02 that had the same problem after a couple thousand miles....sounds like the idle position needs adjustment like mine did....easy repair at the dealer.

Don't go to the dealer to adjust your it yourself in about 5 minutes.

1. Warm up the engine until it is FULLY at operating temperature.

2. Shut off bike.

3. Remove seat.

4. Remove 2 front bolts to gas tank.

5. Start bike.

6. Lift gas tank and observe idle adjustment knob. If you don't see it, work the throttle. What stops the throttle when off the gas is the adjustment knob.

7. Turn the knob until you get 1200 RPM.

8. Work the throttle a few times and re-check for 1200. (I personally like it a tad higher than the 1150 recommended)

9. Put it back together a pat yourself on the back for saving $15-25

I have the problem with the stalling and the knocking and was all set to trailer my baby to the dealer for him to look at it.  With me, everything was great until I got to 1100 miles.  I went out and checked the idle after a two minute warm-up and it is about 800 rpm.  I thought my TRE was bad but I guess I can handle adjusting the idle.  The only thing that sucks is I will have to ride for at least an hour before I adjust it and again for an hour afterwards to check it :D

Had the same stall on mine when pulling on the clutch to coast or downshift at lower speeds. Idle was at 900rpm. Adjusted to around 1200 and never happened again, also the idle has not slipped back down either. If your idle screw backs out alot you can use a trick I used to use on my hot rods. Pull the idle screw out and stretch the spring a little bit, it doesn't take much. This will keep more resistance on the threads and help prevent it from backing out under vibration.
my 03 did the same thing at exactly 1100 mi too I adjusted it and it happend again at2000 mi I thought the screw was backing out so I marked it and it wasnt. I adjusted it 3 times, so far its been ok I think its just a new bike thing. my friends 03 did the same thing
For idle mixture adjustments -
Just go to someone with a TEKA SFI and have them set your idle mixture for best idle.
It makes the changes on the fly, as the bike is running so you can set the mixture just as well as a set of carbs.
Also - a lot of bikes have pretty funky injector matching - I always pull the injectors and bring them over to our other shop and clean and match a good set of 4.
Magic. Tuneable!

Turning up the idle is a bandaid for poor mixture - if it was a carburetor, a good mechanic would be adjusting the idle mixture screws.... But, I suppose that actual, hands-on skill will continue to wander away from us as the years go by -

Use the Teka- Get the mixture right on each cylinder for best idle - then set the idle speed to what feels best for you.

There's no reason why the engine won't idle happily at 900 - 1000 rpm, if the mixture is right and there's no ignition scatter.

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