Stainless Steel Throttle Blades


Just got in 25 sets of 4 stainless steel throttle blades for 99-07' Hayabusa. A buddy of mine got his blades bent with premature nos detonation. I had a bunch made when I fixed his bike and now I am selling these extras at a discount for org. members only $80.00 for a set. They will need to be synced once installed in most cases. PM me if you need more info.
I will be at the Atlanta Bikers Round Up and will have some sets of TB's with me and and one transmission with 2nd gear dogs already under cut. If anyone is interested PM me with for my contact info.
Do you have more stainless steel throttle blades, for sale?
If not, which brand you would recommend me to see that there are several manufacturers and opinions are different!?
Thank you very much