St-St-Stuttering Busa


Hope someone can help me. My busa was fine, now occassionally (getting more frequent) when I rev it over 6000 rpms, it stutters for about 2 second and then takes off. I took it to the dealer and they tried to blame it on the map dropping out of the power commander. I reloaded the map and the same thing occurred. I took the power commander completely off, same thing. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it other than it only occurs on hard acceleration when it get over 6000 rpms. Any help would be appreciated.
Welcome to the board. How many miles are on your bike? When was the last time you checked your plugs? Are you sure that your plug wires are on tight and in good condition? If they are loose or shorting out it will cause this. The higher RPMs may just vibrate it enough to break the connection. Just a few things to look at.
yep, I would check your wires, replace the plugs- NGK and make sure you have oem gaps ( .028-.032) and clean your air filter. I use dielectric grease to prevent arcing. If this does not work some thing has to be wrong. Take it to a performance shop who is certified with the powercommander to check it out.

I had a map built for my bike with the powercommander. The guys made sure I had the right mixture and oxygen% at each 1000 rpm. the throttle response is excellent.
Thanks for the welcome! My bike has 23,451 miles on it. I will change the plugs and wires and see what happens. Thanks!
Don't know if this helps, but this problem only seems to occur after the bike gets hot. Until it's warmed up, you can crank it all day long without the stuttering.