Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit

Ryan Schnitz

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The Spyder Nitrous Spray System uses 4 individual NOS flare jets for exact distribution of nitrous to each cylinder.This eliminates problems with uneven distribution associated with larger nitrous shots in dry nitrous systems
Spyder Nitrous comes with whatever jets you specify. If you do not specify, it automatically comes with #16 jets. (40 horsepower)

The nitrous enters the air box through a 4 bulkhead fitting on the bottom rear of the air box. The bulkhead fitting inside the air box is connected to the distribution block via a 4 line. From the distribution block the nitrous passes through the 4 individual jets and through the stainless steel tubes into the appropriate port.

The Spyder Nitrous System is capable of producing 200 horsepower when used with the proper components.

The Spyder Nitrous Spray System can be easily adapted to fit most fuel injected sport bikes.

Can be used with or without an air filter as well.

Spraybar only - $229

Complete Kits starting at $399


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