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I know it's probably been beaten to death like a :deadhorse: but I want to go up on the rear sprocket on my Gen I. So I am currently at 17/40. I was thinking about 17/43 or 17/44? At what point do I need to replace the chain? What are your recommendations? I use the bike basically as a cruiser, and like to have a little fun. Just looking for a little more response when I get on it.

Thanks Much!!


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the easiest sollution for what you want to do is go down 1 tooth in the front..........1 down in front = 3 up in rear!!!!:rulez:
not true....and the more you change the more the ratio differs

17/43 = 172.9 16/40= 174.9 not the same..not even close 2 mph difference @ top gear and 10,000 rpm
if u multiply it times 2 its off even more 15/40=164 17/46=161.6 2.4 mph difference @ top gear and 10,000 rpm

in the chart stock is 17/40 currant is 16/40 and custom is 17/43 for reference...vortex sprokets is what i use


gear 2.jpg


Foghoon Leghoon
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I want to go one down in front on my '09 which puts me at 17/43.
What brand is best, Vortex?
I wanna make my bike pick up speed faster but not go over 130mph, im not that crazy yet, lol..i own a 07 hayabusa its stock other than the jardine exhaust..any ideas?? sprockets maybe????????

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