Sprocket cover within 2k miles


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still the same old knock.. now with a new problem.. my front sprocket cover broke.. I was backing it out of a parking space so my girl could get on and i hear and feel a thud.. sounded like i hit a 20oz plastic soda bottle.. i look around and see nothing.. I tell her to wait and ride it around a bit to make sure its ok.. then she hops on and off we go.. i start noticeing my speedo pulsing up and down it wont stay put.. then it just drops to 0... by this time im at home.. I was thinking the speedo was on the front wheel and thats when i see the speed sensor chilling in the center of the front sprocket cover.. so i reach down and notice the hold case is cracked and I can pull it out and see the front sprocket.. buddy of mine says it happens alout a slave support is the only thing thats gonna stop it from doing again.. he said the dealer should replace the parts but will probly try to get you to buy the support... $40.00.... you guys got any info on this? its going to the dealer this week


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Sounds dangerous-------- Is your front sprocket and chain so wasted that it doubled up while you were backing up
? Have a Pro check it out-- no passenger till fixed!!!!


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Well it turns out that the allan bolt that hold the speedo ring onto the front sprocket was not tight from the factory.. It worked itself loose and was hitting the inside of the front sprocket cover.. eventually grabbing it and breaking the cover as i was walking the bike backwerds... After this broke the knocking noise I've been hearing has gottin alout quiter!! possible reason for the noise? I wont know for sure till i get the bike back next week...... All you 06 guys might wanna check into this on your bike as this was a factory problem!!!!!!!

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