Sprint Air Filter Vs K&n . My Video Tests


Now you have done it lol I agree it takes a long time to properly clean and lube a oil type air filter what I do is I alternate between a OEM and oil type filter on my wing that way I have plenty of time to clean and dry and lube the filter some people have 2 oil type air filters a clean one ready to put in there was a member here who tried the sprint and for some reason he did not like it and went back to OEM thanks for the VID


Interesting test. Both seem to respod very similarly. You could try a garbage bag and see how many seconds each filter takes to fill the bag loosely.

I've always heard any race filter will only add a couple hp in the peak rpms so it's not really worth the risk of poor filtration for a street bike. I just stick to OEM and change regularly. I still have my BMC sitting in the box. Never tried it.


Buying two filters of brand X for model XYZ is defeating the purpose of saving $ by not buying a new OEM filter every xXxX miles . Personally for me its not about peak h.p. , but saving money .
I live in a environment that makes for frequent filter changes or cleaning . Two OEM filters = one reusable aftermarket filter .
The trash bag idea I had , but would be harder to do due to timing it / video / air compressor kicking on.
The graphs show Sprint is not much better than cotton . Where it is better for me is ease of service.


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Its been debated for a long time. Proven time and time again on dyno..stock filter actually beats em.


Its been debated for a long time. Proven time and time again on dyno..stock filter actually beats em.
Like I said above its not about H.P. for myself @ 38.95 per OEM Suzuki filter it takes no time to pay for a Sprint . If I was after Peak hp it would of been a 1441 or Turbo busa by now .

Now stated OEM beats them VIPER please provide some data , as On other models ZX 11 , 12 , 14 , ZRX 1100 / 1200 that is not the case .
the 1st three bikes listed have similar air box / filter arrangement . Of course back to bcak runs would be needed , but even then there is always a 1 hp difference + or - . I have pages of runs back to back on bikes that read 154 then next 155 then 153 while nothing was changed on the bike .


Interesting video, thanks for taking time in posting. The visual difference between the Sprint and K & N is remarkable, as in how much light each lets through.

The debate around OEM air filter and any brand of aftermarket filter will continue of course. I've run K & N on my bikes for past 2 decades, mostly because I like to clean air filter at same time as each oil change.

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