Spring rate? Heavy duty spring?


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Ive searched high and low, and cant find what i think i need. Ive got a 6-8 over 240 kit, and i need a harder spring to keep the wheel and tail seperate.
What is the stock Gen1 spring rated at?
Ive heard 700 and 900lbs. Ive been told to get a 1000lbs spring, but if the stocker is 900, will 1k be enough? Id like to have a passenger again also.
Where can i buy a 1000lbs or Heavey Duty (1400lbs) spring? Ebay only has a chrome one, which I dont want and dont wanna pay for chrome only to paint over it.
Im not lookin for a custom setup, not worth the cash right now.
You can also talk to daniel @ cloudnine (Goldenchild)
1400lb spring! You like big girls...don't ya:laugh: